Online Gaming Organisations


There are several established organizations that regulate and police the online gaming industry for the peace of mind of players and to uphold the goodwill and respect of the casinos.
Interactive Gaming Council (IGC) was founded in the United States in1996 but moved to Canada in 2000. The IGC provides for players and those associated with the industry a forum where issues can be addressed, advance the common interests of the industry, establish responsible trading guidelines and to serve as public policy advocate to the industry. The IGC has its main focus only on the interactive or online side of the gaming industry.

The American Gaming Association represents the commercial side of the casino entertainment industry. It addresses the formulation of any laws which will affect its members, their employees and of course their customers as well as having an aggressive public education program focusing on ensuring the organization’s message is transmitted to people across the country.

The National Indian Gaming Association (NIGA) was founded in 1985 and places its focus on protecting and supporting the social, political, and economic lives of Indian people. It is a non-profit organization that operates as a resource for information regarding all matters related to Indian gaming issues and the development of their communities.

Gamblers Anonymous is a well known support group which also acts as a valuable resource for people looking to resolve a gambling addiction or problems of their own or to similarly help others. This organization is run mainly by volunteers and requires no membership fees. It has no affiliations whether religious, political or otherwise. If you believe you may have a gambling problem or wish to help others to confront and overcome theirs, Gamblers Anonymous and its website represents a perfect place to begin.

Online Gaming OrganisationsThe National Center for Responsible Gaming (NCRG) was originally established to fund vital research on pathological and youth gambling.

The goal is to assist people affected by gambling disorders and to support research examining and studying these problems as well as enhancing public opinion. Many gambling community members including MGM MIRAGE and Mandalay Resort Group were early and generous supporters of this organization.