Online Casino Software


Since then several other well known software developers have joined the business and power the majority of online casinos we know today.

Casino software works by utilizing a program called a Random Number Generator (RNG) to completely randomize the results of each game. This RNG has an algorithm built into its software that allows a casino to manually set its own house edge as well as the payout percentages of each of its games. The better known and popular casinos tend to set a relatively low house edge and high payout percentage in order to tempt more players to joint them as the small losses they might incur from not setting their edge higher are far outweigh by the massive increase in revenue generated by so many more players opting to use them for the very reason their edge is so low.

Below are some of the more prominent casino software companies that can be found online.

Microgaming, as already mentioned are not only the oldest established casino software company, but also one of the market leaders. They are based on the Isle of Man, UK and are a privately owned company who power over 120 online casinos with over 300 top quality games as well as over 40 poker rooms. Their software runs the largest poker and progressive jackpot networks in the world today.

Online Casino SoftwareVegas Technology is an Antigua based company, established in 1997. Its flagship site, the English Harbour Casino is one of the leading online casinos. Vegas Technology is solely an English speaking company, although this does not stop them continuing to produce many new and innovative online casino games.

Playtech, established in 1999 is currently the world’s largest publicly traded online gaming software company. They were the first to introduce features such as comp point schemes, VIP ratings and real-time access to game and transaction history. Their tightly controlled anti-fraud tools along with their “unified platform” technology have pushed them to the forefront of all software producers.

RealTime Gaming was founded in 1998 and is the only software provider that does not have an official policy regarding American players, leaving the decision as to whether to allow US players or not in the hands of their clients.

CryptoLogic, Inc. was founded in 1995. It was publicly traded on the Canadian Dealer Network (CDN) in 1996, when they introduced InterCasino, their first online casino.

Boss Media is a Swedish software company that was established in 1996. Since 1999 has been traded on the Stockholm Stock Exchange. They concentrate their business purely on gaming software development for PCs as well as hand held computers, mobile phones and TV/video terminal systems.