Gambling Books


We have come across many great publications and here is a small selection of the better ones.

Here is a nicely untechnical analysis of the several strategies available for playing the more popular of the casino games. It goes into techniques for increasing your winning odds and is highly useful for players from every level.

Unofficial Guide to Casino Gambling (Paperback) – Basil Nestor. (1998) Wiley Publishing. 400 pages. ISBN: 0028629175

This book provides a good introduction to the many casino games that you’ll come across as an unofficial guide. It contains lots of useful information and is a good introduction to the world of gaming.

For those who are interested in poker, especially the holder variety this is an excellent source of knowledge and information. It acts as a primer for those intending to enter the poker arena with solid strategy and game play information.

The Complete Idiot’s Guide To Gambling Like a Pro (Paperback) – Susan Spector, Stanford Wong. (2004) Alpha Pub. 336 pages. ISBN: 1592574157

If you’re looking for a basic introduction to gambling but still need a thorough source of useful information about casinos and their games, this book is perfect. It is easy to understand and follow, presenting each subject clearly and thoroughly and is perfect for beginners.

Gambling Theory and Other Topics (Paperback) – Mason Malmuth. (1999) Two Plus Two Pub. 313 pages. ISBN: 1880685035

Gambling Books

For those more experienced players who are looking for a more in-depth explanation of gambling’s underlying concepts and formulas this book is for you. Taking a mathematical approach to his theories, the author sets out logically and intelligibly the different game strategies and how and why they work.

Gambling Online (Paperback) – Angus Dunnington (2005) D & B Publishing. 140 pages. ISBN: 1904468136

Here is a fairly up to date book covering the many changes that have affected the industry in recent years. It has plenty of good advice to give on the subject of online gaming to both experienced players and beginners alike.

This Must Be Hell: A Look at Pathological Gambling (Paperback) – Hale Humphrey. (2000) Writer’s Club Press. 116 pages. ISBN: 059513498X

This book focuses more specifically on the “Hell” encountered by those who suffer from the problem of pathological gambling. It provides case studies of lives that have been adversely affected by the addiction. Importantly, it explores and identifies the signs to look out for as well as how to seek and receive assistance.

Online Poker: Your Guide to Playing Online Poker Safely & Winning Money (Paperback) – Doyle Brunson. (2005) Cardoza. 192 pages. ISBN: 1580421326

Written by a twice World Series of Poker champion, this is a definitive source of information that applies exclusively to online poker. If poker is your preferred game and you like to play online, then this book provides a thorough, up to date and extremely helpful description and analysis of the online version of the game. For beginners and experienced players alike, this is an excellent book.